Cycling Australia – Risk Management for Events – National Implementation Phase Update

The Cycling Australia Risk Management project is approaching the first stage of implementation with a nationwide release of ‘event assistance packages’ for organisers of all levels of road cycling events planned for 1 July 2013. The packages have been developed to complement a National events categorisation system that has been established to provide a consistent model for events across the country. The packages detail the risk management criteria for each category of event and the resources available to assist event organisers meet these criteria. Resources include a Risk Register for events which is a central repository for all the risks identified with road cycling events, template event management plans, event checklists, report forms, and policy and guideline documents.

The packages have been designed to provide clear direction and assistance to CA’s current event organisers, attract new events, and instil confidence in the relevant authorities responsible for approving the staging of events on the roads.

Trials will be conducted with randomly selected clubs and promoters over the next three months.

CS = E has been given the responsibility of driving this project from its onset in 2010. We have conducted an extensive process of review of the current event practices across all levels of the organisation, stakeholder feedback and review of other events outside the scope of cycling in establishing the risks associated with cycling events. Analysis of these risks, along with an understanding of the administration of the sport, has led to the development of the recommendations for facilitating the safe and successful delivery of all events under CA auspices. We look forward to the roll out of these recommendations over the course of the year.



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