What We Do

CS = E  provides risk management and event organisational and administrative expertise within the sporting environment. We make quality sporting events happen to the highest standard:

  • By removing the bureaucratic load involved in the event application process
  • By providing expertise in risk management processes and plans
  • By providing education on how to coordinate a successful event and how to participate in a safe sporting environment.

By assisting in the production of successful, quality sporting events and activities, CS = E fulfils a vision to promote greater participation in sport. Safe, standardised events ensure a ‘smooth’ experience for both the organisers and participants, increasing their levels of confidence and enjoyment.

CS = E can assist with sporting events or activities of any scale. We work with State and National sporting organisations, charities, sporting clubs, local/state governments and private event promoters to produce events and activities of the highest quality.

We believe that the longevity of successful sporting activities and events is dependant on adopting a continuous improvement cycle. They must remain ‘fluid’ – incorporating post-event feedback and adopting new concepts to enhance the experience. When combined with the sense of identifying and addressing the risks associated with the event it can only lead to excellence; that is, CS = E.

 Our services

  • Administrative Services – to review, recommend and implement risk management processes to Sporting Organisations or Event Organisers
  • Event Services – prepare event and risk management plans and coordinate the event application process with the relevant authorities
  • Cycling Skill Sessions –  to provide education and skill sessions under the auspices of AustCycle, Australia’s national provider of accredited cycle training

The Benefits

  • Events will be conducted safely reducing the incidence of injury to participants and volunteers
  • Events will meet legislative requirements reducing exposure to the organising parties
  • Insurance companies and authorities will acknowledge that a comprehensive Risk Management approach has been undertaken
  • A single point of contact with knowledge and experience will effectively liaise with authorities during the event application process
  • Procedural documentation (e.g. Event Management Plans, Risk Management Plans) will assist in the future operation of the sporting event/activity
  • Event participants, officials and volunteers will feel well informed and confident regarding their role in the event.

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